Design Services Overview

Conceptual Building Design

Whilst we design architecture for film, TV, video games and VR, we’re skilled in designing buildings too. We don’t provide professional architecture delivery services for constructed buildings, but instead design conceptual architecture that can be taken forward by chartered architects.


Parallax Studio offers 3D Environment design services for film, video games, advertisement and other creative media. Very often, one of the best characters in a film is its setting and surroundings. Using our combined 12 years of experience with Architectural design, we produce compelling spaces for storytelling and dramatic scene setting.


We find that an Architectural Mindset translates well to produce and object design. Using our combined 12 years of Architectural training, we provide Product Design services for those that want to try new ways of making things.

Stage 1: Getting to know what you want.

We meet with you to learn what you want designed. Through sketching, study and research, we work with you to produce a brief for the design work, and a concept to take forward.

We work with you to develop a thematic brief for the environments you want designed, and produce conceptual drawings that begin to explore how those environments will look and work. Through reviews, we work with you to find a direction to take the project forward.

We begin by working with you to construct a brief for the commissioned work. Through research, sketching and reviews, we construct a brief for the project.

Stage 2: Initial Design Drafted

Next, we create a series of design passes, that capture and build upon the ambitions set out in the brief. Through a process of client reviews and refinements, we produce a detailed design that can be carried forward into the final product.

Through more in-depth 2D and 3D sketches, we begin to explore how this environment will be developed and explored further. We explore everything from overall concept to form, scale, material, and lighting.

After we have constructed a brief and a conceptual framework, we begin iterating on the design to refine it. Our aim is to have a high-quality design package, that can be worked forward into a manufacturable product.

Stage 3: Refining your idea

Finally, we take produce a high-detail pass of the design. At this point, through drawings and in-depth 3D modeling, the project is ready to be taken forward by the client. If you want this architecture constructed, we contact work with chartered architects to deliver the design and manage its construction.

Once we have decided on a direction to take final production, Parallax Studio will produce a final design of the environment, through a series of high quality drawn images. For more in-depth world building, we also produce portfolios of detail sketches, and rules for taking the project further, under the same visual language.

The finished design product. We will release the design work to our clients in a format that has been agreed upon, and will discuss ways to progress the project, should the client be interested.

Taking your idea further.

You may decide to take your idea further, perhaps into visualisation, virtual reality or construction. Parallax Studio can accommodate the first two of those suggestions in house. To see how, feel free to explore our visualisation page by clicking the image below. For construction we would work with you to select an Architect that can be trusted to bring your idea into the real world.