About us

We are the design and communications agency, Parallax Studio. We’re a team of design professionals, here to help you conceive, develop and share ideas, products and experiences. With a background in formal architectural training, and led by Masters graduates from the Manchester School of Architecture and the University of Edinburgh, we work as design consultants and visualisers across a wide range of industries. We’re committed to improving our world through thoughtful design, and specialise in finding ways to make big impacts through focused creative decisions.

Key Services

Taking with us all of our collective experience, here are a few key sectors that we work in:


Parallax Studio offers a comprehensive skillset, aiming to work with Architects, Brands, Designers, Retailers and Property Specialists in developing and communicating ideas. We typically approach each project based on the requirements of our clients, combining technique and training as we see fit.

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We offer high-end professional visualisation and image production for architecture, brands and experiences. With a combined 12 years of design education and professional experience, Parallax Studio aims to offer unparalleled control, quality and service for the client, from the perspective of designers and storytellers.  Ranging from established formats, such as poster and web grade images, to 360 degree VR images, films, and experiences, we work with our clients to develop a visual strategy that suits their requirements.

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Virtual Reality

Parallax Studio offers Virtual Reality design services experiences, for Architects, Brands and digital media producers. VR is one of the most powerful ways to convey ideas, demonstrate how spaces work, or tell stories. We believe that it is an important part of the 21st Century’s digital future, and work to offer VR products and services on the cutting-edge of the industry.

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