Virtual Reality Services Overview

Signature ArchitectureVR

For high-end VR production (of any scale), we focus on spatial fidelity, and use our experience in real-time CGI construct a comprehensive VR experience. From interior spaces, galleries and digital portfolios to large-scale master plan walkthroughs, VR is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate architecture to clients, potential future clients, other designers and potential buyers.

Express ArchitectureVR

Our Express VR services are designed to let architects test the experiential qualities of their designs, and demonstrate them to their clients. We have developed a process of rapidly turning 3D models into VR-ready experiential levels that makes Express VR a cost-effective choice for architects, as both a design and demonstration tool. We work with architects to iteratively apply design changes to their VR component, as they make those changes. We find it to be an incredibly powerful tool for testing the impact of design decisions, and refining space.


VR is becoming one of the most powerful ways to share ideas and tell stories. Parallax Studio produces immersive Virtual Reality experiences, that offer a comprehensive media package. For those looking to use VR for non-architectural objectives, a VR experience is a strong choice.

Stage 1: Getting to know what you want.

We work with you to develop a VR Package brief that meets your ambitions. Through drawings, 3D modelling and VR prototypes, we design the framework that will be carried forward in detailed production.

For the initial stage, we define how large the VR experience needs to be, and what our client sees as most important (such as landscape view or interior lighting, etc). We then receive any 3D design work they have, and begin the process of converting it into a VR model.

After meeting with our clients, we will first begin to storyboard the VR experience, in a way similar to making a film. We draw upon all of our skills, from architecture and environment design, CGI and animation, and storytelling and sound design, to bring VR experiences to life.

Stage 2: Initial Design Drafted

Following the design of a concept brief, we begin the process of high-quality VR production. We send images and VR WIP builds in demo packages (when ready), and keep a clear and informed dialogue with our clients.

An example of the VR model in mid-conversion process. At this point, we also program the navigation systems for the VR model.

The production process for VR Experiences is typically relatively long, and more varied than the majority of our services. Often including motion capture, voice recording, photogrammetry and a range of other CGI workflows, the client will be in a frequent dialogue with Parallax during the production.

Stage 3: Refining your idea

Once we have reached a finished VR product, we will release it to our clients. Ask us about in-office VR solutions; we’ll share our experience in deploying VR computing systems.

A finished Express VR Model. This one focusses on lighting, and only uses a suggestion of material and colour.

The finished product is often best experienced inside VR. For this, we recommend that you download our VR demo package, and explore some of our showcase worlds.