Visualisation Services Overview

Signature Images

Parallax Studio is managed by designers, with formal training in Architecture, and experience working in the architectural profession. We combine world-class visualisation skills with the mentality of architects, and aim to intrinsically understand the requirements of our clients, and respond with sensitive and focussed visualisation. For our Signature visualisation service, we use the cutting-edge of CGI technology, and to make sure our images worthy of international distribution; we hold a regular dialogue with our clients to make sure that their needs are met perfectly.

Express Images

We offer fast-turnaround visualisation services, to meet the quick-paced work schedules and deadlines of modern architects and property specialists. Using a specially designed CGI workflow, we offer high quality images in as little as 24h, at a competitive fixed price.

Product Campaigns

Parallax Studio produces product visualisation for Brands and producers. Working within your brand or product identity, we produce images that tell the story of your craft.

Stage 1: Getting to know what you want.

We begin by producing several test shots, experimenting with camera positioning, lighting and colour. When we begin to find a prototype for a shot that we like, we draw on top of it, to explore details the image might need. As we begin to understand what the image will be, we can move forward into detailed passes.

When we receive an express commission, we work with our clients to rapidly develop a brief for the image. We start designing the look and feel of the image, and use a specially developed form of quick-feedback CGI to rapidly put together a comprehensive visualisation package.

For product campaigns, we produce compelling visuals that share the story, idea and use of your product. Following a Brand Campaign enquiry, we design a visual strategy through quick 2D and 3D sketches, and produce an arrangement of mock ups for our client to choose from. We spend time working with our clients to construct a comprehensive commission brief, and make sure the character and style of the product campaign suits their ambitions.

Stage 2: Initial Design Drafted

Once we have developed a comprehensive ‘image brief’, we begin a series of detailed modeling, texturing and lighting passes. We either build upon design models provided to us, or construct models from scratch, as needed. We will send drafts to our clients as we progress, for changes and updates. As we do so, the image moves towards completion.

We work with the client to put together a list of changes and updates to the image, and carry out the changes following the review.

Following this, we begin to produce high quality 3D models and drawings in design passes, that are able to be changed and tweaked. We made sure that the campaign ambitions translate into the finished product through iterative changes, and work towards the highest quality final image we’re able to produce.

Stage 3: Refining your idea

The final image, developed by Parallax Studio. Once a client confirms an image, we render it in high-resolution and produce a final, complete pass.

Once the changes have been made, we will render a final high-resolution image, and apply the changes. Through the use of fast-rendering techniques, we are able to produce the final image with a fast-turnaround.

Finally, a finished visualisation is produced, ready to be released to the client in several formats.